Calf Guide

All Calf Data at a Glance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could access all the information about your calves at your PC or on mobile devices at any time? And what about networking all the devices you use in rearing such as CalfExpert calf feeders, MilkTaxis and CalfControl animal weighing scales so that they automatically exchange data and complement each other? And if your employees could then see the alarm lists on their own smartphones or tablets and could work through tasks, all the workflows in the calf barn would be clearly defined. How would you feel about that?

This is all possible using CalfGuide, your central data and management system for calf rearing. The central CalfGuide server collects all the data from all of your feeders, MilkTaxis or WeightControl animal weighing scales and makes them available to you in a clearly structured form.

With the new CalfGuide you can also control and configure all devices centrally. And a practical export interface provides other herd management programs with the most important data after rearing has been completed.

Thus CalfGuide is the interface between the rearing management of your calves through to their further development into high-performance cows.

Current Calf Data

CalfGuide gives you a complete overview of all calf feeders and all calves on your farm.

Calf management

Taking clear lists as the starting point, you navigate directly to the feeding and growth curve of individual calves. A calender function enables you to track past incidents and plan future tasks. This makes it easy to have a good overview or analyse individual animals in great detail.

Health index

CalfGuide calculates an alarm index on the basis of a wide range of data such as feeding consumption, drinking speed, visiting frequency, weight development etc. This allows you and your employees to see immediately which of the calves need your attention fi rst. In addition, abnormalities such as illness can be recorded in an “event diary” and are thus clearly documented.


CalfGuide doesn’t forget anything. After your calves have been weaned, all data such as feeding quantities, weight development, treatments etc. are saved permanently in an archive. In other words, CalfGuide allows you to see – even years later – how you fed your best cows when they were just calves. This helps you to optimise your feeding programs in the long term.

Support Tools

All employees know what they have to do and when, and you can keep an eye on all the working steps and development of your calves at all times. Urgent tasks are displayed immediately.

Bidirectional control

Important calf data can be adapted and confi gured directly in the CalfGuide program. These include e.g. age, group assignment, feeding curves, individual changes in feeding plans and much more besides. Once done, the confi gurations are automatically applied by the CalfExpert or MilkTaxi.

Task manager

CalfGuide organises your work and reminds you what is to be done. Move to a new stall after xxx days? Separate the male calves after xxx days? You simply defi ne all recurring tasks once in the form of events or ToDos, and CalfGuide will remind you and your employees every day of what needs to be done.

Technical fault messages

CalfGuide shows you all the technical fault messages concerning your calf feeder, even the ones CalfExpert has resolved itself. Empty messages for cleaning agents or an early warning system for a low whole milk or CMR level at the CalfExpert are sent via the CalfGuide system.

Pasteurisation Log

Pasteurisation is a particularly delicate process, because the quality of the milk can suffer from temperature problems in the process. With the CalfGuide you are on the safe side, since it always records the exact temperature profi le for you and indicates whether any discrepancies have occurred.

Cross-System Networking

Anyone can be excused for losing track in this “big data” era. And your calves do indeed generate a huge amount of data in the CalfGuide network. CalfGuide processes this fl ood of data so that you can concentrate on the most important information.

LAN/Wi-Fi - tablet or PC

The data from your automatic feeders are recorded and managed centrally on a server. The CalfGuide system then provides a Wi-Fi connection in the calf barn so that you can use all the functions at any time e.g. with a PC tablet. It goes without saying that you can integrate CalfGuide in your farm network, allowing you to use all the CalfGuide functions from your offi ce. The optional connection of the CalfGuide system to the internet even permits external access via the CalfGuide Cloud.

Networking of several MilkTaxis and CalfExpert calf feeders

CalfGuide is the central interface in the calf barn. Once a calf is registered in the system through an electronic ear tag e.g. after birth at the WeightControl animal weighing scales, the data are imported on to every device the calf is logged at. Even if the calf moves from one CalfExpert calf feeder to the next, feeding will continue at the next CalfExpert at exactly the right point on the feeding curve and all data already recorded are imported.

CalfGuide app

A limited selection of information can be accessed directly on your mobile phone using the CalfGuide app. This includes the box list with details for the MilkTaxi or details about the calf lists on the Calf- Expert. In addition, messages can be received and tasks requested from the calf feeder events or ToDos. With the CalfExpert, this even works without Calf- Guide, directly via the Wi-Fi interface of the calf feeder.

CalfGuide Cloud

With the CalfGuide Cloud you can access your Calf- Guide server via the internet. This allows you to watch your data and information from anywhere in the world or permit service technicians to take a look at the technology if any problems should occur.

Communication with external herd management systems

The importance of calf rearing for the performance of the animals in later life is well known and described in detail in this manual. So it makes good sense to export the most important information about your calves to your herd management program for cows after rearing them. CalfGuide offers a wide range of export protocols for this.